Monday, February 24, 2020

Honored To Share Some Great News...

Kline Academy of Fine Arts

congratulates our instructor Lana Gloschat
on her recent "Best in Show" award.

 Very honored, Lana Gloschat, award-winning artist, colorist, and instructor, was selected to receive the "Best in Show" award in the 2019 Colored Pencil Magazine's art competition.

Noted by the judges, Lana's highly realistic portrait demonstrates great technical skill. In Judge Paul Hink's words, "the expressions on the faces of the man and the boy are captured perfectly, and the luminous rendering of the skin tones creates a feeling of light and freshness. This depiction of an every day activity is also elevated by the sensitive observation of a moment shared between father and son." 

Congratulations on an exceptional piece Lana.

Work under Lana Gloschat's guidance and expertise 
every Monday, from 6:45pm - 9:45pm.

Drawing with Color and Dry Media


Botanical Illustration.

For more of Lana Gloschat's work, 
visit her instagram page @lana.gloschat_art

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