Thursday, June 24, 2010

All Paints are NOT Created Equal

All Paints are NOT Created Equal
by Cheryl Kline
I had the pleasure of meeting the handsome creator of Michael Harding Paints from London yesterday.
I learned of his incredible quality oil paints when I was studying in Florence and many of the instructors
were hooked on his paints. I immediately rushed to the Florentine art store to buy some. They were wonderful but after I ran out, and came back to the states, I could not find them anywhere. 

Consistent quality is a must when you are a professional painter and even a student. I still don't understand why there is a distinction between "Student" and Professional" grade paints and materials.
It is hard enough for students to learn this craft and why make it harder by pushing them towards inferior paints and brushes? Inferior paints can really muck up a painting. The colors will look muddy and will
not have the luster and brightness you want.

Good paint is essential for creating good art. But GREAT paint is pure joy and I have to tell you that Michael Harding's paint is GREAT paint.

I'm sure the reason Mr. Harding created his paint is because he is an artist himself and cares about what comes out of the tube and onto his should too. We could have finished each other's sentences as we talked about the importance of certain colors and quality. You will love his Naples Yellow light which is lemony as it should be. Not dark and reddish! His transparent red oxide is a perfect mix of warm brown and rich red tones not a blasting red orange. The rest of the colors are pure and rich and I can't wait to get my hands on my new paint which I am about to order.

Graphaides in Santa Monica on Santa Monica Blvd. between Bundy and Centinella will gladly place your
order for his paints. (They can get you a much better price than if you buy direct because they buy bulk and then extend the Kline Academy discount). They ordered his large tubes of Titanium White and sold out with in a week!  This week and next, some of us are placing our orders so you may want to as well.

Grahaides has his color chart so drop by and have a look.

Photo: Michael Harding Artist and Creator of Michael Hardings Paint with Cheryl Kline, Artist and Director of Kline Academy of Fine Art
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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Figure Drawing Demo by Esmeralda Acosta

check out the this video of Esmeralda Acosta giving a live demo at the academy during the Wednesday morning class. At the moment I still need to upload the first part.

Right now the class is calling for enrollment at the academy and we are opening a Saturday afternoon class.

To enroll email OR call 310-927-2436