Friday, April 16, 2010

Hal Yaskulka Demo - lesson 1 of 4

The Artists who attended the ongoing figure painting course on Monday at Kline Academy received a demonstration by Instructor Hal Yaskulka.
Hal emphasized techniques that allow an individual to begin painting the human figure confidently and accurately.

Hal begins the step by step process by simply tinting the canvas in raw sienna (acrylic) to eradicate the intimidation of the white canvas. After the acrylic paint has dried, he dabs the hogs hair brush in oil and paints onto canvas.
Hal goes on by creating a silhouette that depicts a rectangular oval representing the form of the body, with that alone he moves on painting the figure in geometrical shapes.

In the second step, Hal increases the depiction of the painting by using cool colors. He lays in his darkest dark beginning with the hair. He moves onto the back ground with a greenish cool hue forming the shadow of the body.
Hal then creates the shadow of the forearm, back, and bottom with a sienna reddish hue.

The third phase connects the warm value tones to the cool tones. Hal deepens the dimension of the painting by blending the mid tone into the cool tone of the body. Note this is where it is most emphasized in order to achieve a third dimension Hal then paints the warm tones onto the canvas, however he carefully makes the colors not too warm, for that is to be left on the final phase of this demonstration

Three more weeks to go and this painting already looks absolutely amazing. Hal Yaskulka has amazed us once again. Stay tuned in the coming weeks and see this painting achieve its masterfulness by the one and only Hal Yaskulka!!!