Saturday, February 7, 2009

Kline Academy News

Okay, Im a bad blogger, I have not been keeping up with this and I apologize
But here is an update.


Mono Print FUN Day, Feb 16, Monday 10am to 5pm $125.
We will provide all oil based inks, you bring your own paper and some personal items for reference. This is an instant gratification day so be prepared for Christmas in February because each print is a surprise and accidents and the unexpected make for fantastic prints. Limited to 5 people call today. (310) 927-2436

Action Painting The Figure with Stephen Wright, All day Saturday in March (call for start date) $125
This workshop will explore the ideas of figurative artists in thetwentieth century, centering on three of the giants in the figurative field; Giacometti, Bacon and Freud. This will be a fun and informative day, focusing on getting students to break out of their traditional painting techniques and explore their subjective sensibilities. The focus is on freedom, passion, experimentation and excitement.

Figure Drawing made easy! Wednesdays 11am - 1pm $40 per class Starts Feb. 18
Your instructor, Esmeralda Acosta will take you on a gentle journey to successful figure drawing by giving you a one, two, three approach to drawing the live, nude model. Esmeralda instructor has studied with the best figurative artists in town and has and has dedicated her life to drawing and perfecting her skills...we are lucky to have her! You will achieve success!

Tuesday night un-instructed drawing workshops 7:30pm to 10:30 pm. $20 for one time or prepay for 4 times and get 1 free.
Angie, our animation expert, started "Get-the-Lead-Out" ( for anyone who wanted a place to draw the live model on the west side of town. The difference with our workshop from others, is that all of ours are themed with a costume and simple set. Our’s costs a little more then the neighborhood YMCA but we are using top models from "The Gallery Girls" and in our space you can sit closer than most settings. Themes range from "Geisha Vampire" ... "Insane Asylum" ..Tank Girl." Call or just drop in

Outdoor Landscape painting with Gary Blackwell, BFA, Distinguished Pastelist, Plein Air Painter. Fridays at 10am - 1pm $50 per class (pre-paid monthly)
This month, we will be exploring neighborhood painting- "It's a beautiful day in the neighborhood" will take on a new meaning when we show you how to capture the magic of an urban street. Many artists have made their fame painting these scenes like Wayne Thiebaud, Edward Hopper, and many others. This class is a bargain as you will be learning from an award winning artist who gives you more than 100%.

Foundation Drawing for Painters saturdays 9:30am - 12:30pm- $50 per class (pre-paid monthly)
This classis a great way to either begin your venture into art or to enhance the art skills you already have. This is an in-studio class with an easy-going atmosphere. We teach you how to "see" and draw all the troublesome forms, core shadows, cast shadows and reflected lights, etc that present themselves in all paintings and compositions whether you are drawing/painting people, landscape, still life or abstract.

The Atelier Workshop Mondays from 11am to 2pm -$60 per class (pre-paid monthly)
This all encompassing class will transport you to a typical renaissance studio where artists are doing many things. Hal Yaskulka, your instructor is Rembrandt reincarnated! We have a live nude model for those more advanced students who are working on anatomy, figure drawing and painting, Cast head drawing in Charcoal, old master painting copies and de-constructions in gray, along with still life painting and how to grind your own paint also in the same studio. Each exercise will be designed to bring you closer to the ultimate challenge of live figure painting and how to be a better figurative artist. This is the same studio atmosphere that many of the masters before us engaged in to become great artists. Hal will teach you how to draw from a simple "envelope" to more advanced form development, demonstrating almost every time so that you can see how it it is done. He will also show you a simple palette and how to achieve easier skin tones if you are painting the model. The class is on-going and there is a discount when you sign up for 3 months at a time.

Also Ongoing at The Kline Academy
Portrait Painting, Classical and Contemporary, Wed 2pm to 5pm, $60 per class (pre-paid monthly)
Currently we are recreating "Girl with a Pearl Earring" Our live model is perfect for the roll and students get to stand 2 to 3 feet from the model which makes skin tones much easier to achieve. Next month we will be working on an Ingres inspired portrait with a model from the Gallery Girls who looks like she just stepped out of a painting! Join us...we have 2 spaces left.

We also have Foundations in Classical Painting on Wed eve and Thursday morning, and Contemporary painting on Thursday evening.