Monday, September 9, 2013

3 Big Mistakes Emerging Artists Make before and after a Show...

The following are three of the Biggest mistakes emerging artists make before and after their first shows: This information is for artists who wish to show in galleries or have an interest in taking the next step in promoting yourself as an artist.

1. You delivered your work to the gallery, had a great opening night party and now... you wait.


Now you work. You now have a limited time while the show is up to try to get collectors or potential gallery people, art buyers, writers, art consultants, interior designers, etc. to come to the gallery and meet you there and see your work and your potential. Buy them a cup of coffee. Also how many of your friends did not make it to the opening? Invite them.

Many artists will say "I have to work, it's inconvenient, I have other plans…etc." But let me ask you this... How often do you have a show? Make time, carve out 45 minutes for your art.

2. There is some interest in your work from a family friend, relative, friend of a friend. You tell them to wait until after the show and you will give them a better deal or they suggest they wait until after the
show so you will make more money.


This is the worst thing an artist can do and it is like shooting yourself in the foot. Artists need to establish a sales history with a gallery. In- Gallery sales are proof that a given artist is worth the risk of taking up valuable real estate on their walls. If an artist has no sales history with galleries, you will always have to "pay-to-show."

3. You delivered your work for your first show, had a great opening night, you did everything in your power to get people there to buy and nothing sold and now you think less of your work and you have lost inspiration.


You just got a small taste. This is just the very beginning and since you received so much buzz about your work, it's time to start new work and continue the great momentum, building on the body of work you have started.

What we do at Kline Academy of Fine Art like with our recent Contemporary Show is find a community of artists whose work shows really well together. Together with other emerging artists you can climb the ladder.  Together you can garner a large crowd, together you can inspire each other and create even better shows than the last. 

You can make an impact in the art world. Your work deserves to be seen, it deserves editorial and it deserves sales! We hope these times will help you!

Check out our art community which is "by artists and for artists" at Kline Academy of Fine Art.

Monday, September 2, 2013

Another benefit for doing art... Less chance of getting dementia

We already knew art was great for us not only as a way to express our passions but also as a tool for working through many of life's challenges. We hear from our students all the time that they used their art class as a means to over come the loss of a loved one or depression, anxiety etc., but now we hear that creating can also combat dementia.

According to a report in CBC News (Click here for article) "Neurologists at St. Michael's Hospital in Toronto found that artists suffering from vascular dementia may still be able to draw spontaneously and from memory, despite being unable to complete simple, everyday tasks.
"Artists compared with non-artists are better protected, he added. "Due to their art, the brain is better protected [against] diseases like Alzheimer's, vascular dementia, and even strokes. They have more reserve in their brain in order to give functions."
"So [we know], based on other neuroscience studies, that art in any of its forms uses different neuronal avenues inside the brain to do their work. And the activity, the talent and the art per se gives reserve when the brain requires that reserve."

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Exciting News!

Kline Academy Founder, Cheryl Kline was selected to participate in the International Guild of Realism's 8th Annual Juried Exhibition which will be held at the Tempe Center for the Arts in Tempe Arizona.

The pieces selected are: "Midnight Walk" and "A Note from Cassandra"

The exhibition Dates are October 5th through November 30th, 2013

Monday, April 8, 2013

Ask an Artist about Art with Deda Jacobsen

Dear Artist: What is your process when you begin working on your art and does the space you work in inspire that process at all?  -Anon

Dear Anon: Well, first I begin with a glass of wine and a cigarette, since facing a blank canvas causes creative anxiety... Picasso said that was the only time he felt anxiety.  I have already done my homework on an idea with thumbnail sketches, which is something I have yet to inspire many students to try... though I won't give up on encouraging it.  

I usually respond to and derive inspiration from nature, a photo, another artist's work or an article in the newspaper... in other words, something interesting.  Concepts in the play of light are especially engaging to me. 

As far as my space goes... it has nothing to do with my inspiration. In fact, the only things clean in it before I start working are my canvas, brushes and palette. Despite this mess, I take notes, make sketches and do my best work inside... bathed in contentment. While nature does inspire me, working outdoors does not... instead, my vision of what I want to bring forth transports me to another place and allows my creativity to flow.  

Painting by Deda Jacobsen

When creating, comfort is important... So is a nap. 

Learn more about Deda and her class at 

Monday, March 4, 2013

Mixed Media Artist and Kline Academy Instructor Yvette Gellis Explores India...

I had the honor and privilege of accompanying some friends to India. This was a Pilgrimage / work research exhibition and my first trip to India. We attended the Kumbha Mela and I did the traditional dip into the Ganges - a beautiful experience.

 We visited many fascinating and beautiful places including Dharmsala in the Himalayas where the Dali Lama was in residence on retreat. India is a place of of extreme contrasts with immense misery and immense mystery. 

The spirituality permeates everything - even the dust taste on your tongue. The greatest feeling was waking up at 5 AM to the sounds of millions of people chanting and praying. The vibration is one I will carry with me always. As an artist I can only say that every face, every color witnessed, is a work of art in the making. Now the real work begins...

Yvette is back and more creative than ever... find out about her class HERE