Monday, March 30, 2015

Painting from Life Worksop with Max Ginsburg

We are very honored that we had Max Ginsburg as a guest instructor for the Painting from Life, Alla Prima Painting Workshop at Kline Academy over the weekend.

Max Ginsburg and Cheryl Kline

In this workshop, we focused on the unique form of the model with respect to gesture, proportion, shapes, values and color. The emphasis was to develop our painting skills to achieve a high degree of naturalism in a painterly manner.

Day 1:  Gesture studies, Head & Figure

Day 2: Portrait

Day 3: Figure

Portrait Painting Live Demo

Max is as much respected for his art as for his teaching. He is less concerned with passing on elements of technique than he is with inspiring his students to see the world with new eyes, to become "sensitive to the remarkable significance of life." This is not to say that he does not have very specific notions of the importance of solving technical problems, of learning what to include and what to leave out of a canvas. He is a painter who continues to inspire all those who paint and those who wish to see a world of beauty revealed.

We look forward to having another workshop with Max Ginsburg. 
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