Tuesday, January 20, 2015

The Art of Being an Artist Workshop with Sylvia White

Our first workshop in 2015 at Kline Academy began with "The Art of Being an Artist Workshop" with Sylvia White.

This workshop was designed to teach artists the skills they need to manage their own careers. Students and Sylvia discussed what their artistic goals were, and Sylvia talked about a methodology to achieve their goals. 

Sylvia and her 23 students at Kline Academy

Sylvia's lecture included:

Exhibition and Marketing Options: Sylvia pointed out that artists should have a clear idea of what kind of artists they are and how to determine which galleries are appropriate for their work. 

Website, Resumes, Artist’s Statement: Sylvia showed some good and bad examples of artist's websites. She also taught how to write a good artist's statement, and students helped each other to make their own.

Gallery Relationships: Sylvia explained the best way to contact galleries - what to do and what not to do, business negotiations, pricing your work, etc.

Shaking hands is one of the most important communication tools in art marketing.

The 23 students who attended this workshop left with a specific strategy about how to approach their target market, professional artist statements, and practical negotiating skills with galleries/clients, clear and concise business forms and a realistic pricing formula.

We at Kline Academy will teach you not only foundation skills to reach your artistic goals, but also help you navigate art world and establish your artistic career. Check our our website and join us today!