Monday, April 8, 2013

Ask an Artist about Art with Deda Jacobsen

Dear Artist: What is your process when you begin working on your art and does the space you work in inspire that process at all?  -Anon

Dear Anon: Well, first I begin with a glass of wine and a cigarette, since facing a blank canvas causes creative anxiety... Picasso said that was the only time he felt anxiety.  I have already done my homework on an idea with thumbnail sketches, which is something I have yet to inspire many students to try... though I won't give up on encouraging it.  

I usually respond to and derive inspiration from nature, a photo, another artist's work or an article in the newspaper... in other words, something interesting.  Concepts in the play of light are especially engaging to me. 

As far as my space goes... it has nothing to do with my inspiration. In fact, the only things clean in it before I start working are my canvas, brushes and palette. Despite this mess, I take notes, make sketches and do my best work inside... bathed in contentment. While nature does inspire me, working outdoors does not... instead, my vision of what I want to bring forth transports me to another place and allows my creativity to flow.  

Painting by Deda Jacobsen

When creating, comfort is important... So is a nap. 

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