Tuesday, March 22, 2011

More on The Opaque Palette

The opaque palette was introduced to us last month by Jan Saether during a portrait workshop at Kline academy. Personally I am pretty set on my combo- Florentine/"California Caravaggio" palette which I have developed over the years but I am always up to a challenge to try new techniques and then try to make them my own by figuring out what works for me and what does not.
Last week I started this portrait of Steve using the opaque palette ideas.

Step one:
was to cover the canvas with mars brown and then draw the head in using mars brown (I added touch of black in order to see the drawing). Once I was happy with the drawing, I began working in the lights with Naples Yellow- Italian by Williamsburg.

Step two:
After 3 days of drying, yes, these opaque colors take much longer to dry which is a bit of a pain, I moved on to a limited palette. In Jan's workshop, he had us only using mars red light the second time but I really felt it was too redundant to work a second day with only Mars Brown, Naples and a bit of red, and especially - the palette is way too warm and I want to differentiate temperature early on. So, I added to that palette on the second day Nickel Yellow, Mars Violet and Black. That way I could easily get some warm and cool tones and get closer to a natural skin tone.

Step three:
You won't see a huge difference yet ---
but on step three I re-in-forced what I was doing in step 2 and tried to build up the lights and get a little more detail. I am still not sold on the very first part where we cover the entire canvas in mars brown and paint into it wet. I feel like I am struggling to get my lights lighter because of this under painting. On step four I will add the rest of the palette -- Chrome Green, Vermillion, Yellow Ochre and White. But I have to admit that I am amazed at what I could get by using a limited palette of:
Nickel Yellow, Naples Yellow Italian, Mars Red Light, Mars Violet, Mars Black. Thats it.

Step Four --The final Image:

Okay so the last day on the opaque palette painting I added my choice colors to do the finishing touches:
Glazing with Ultramarine, Alizarine crimson, Transparent Red Oxide. Then to my palette I added
Yellow ochre, Vermillion, Chrome Green and Titanium white. This allowed me a full range of colors and ones that I am more used to painting with ..along with the all the mars colors.

I found that the final image takes less time to finish because the form is so well worked up with all the base tones. Most of the colors on my typical palette are either semi opaque or transparent which is why the struggle in the beginning to bring up the values. With the opaque palette in the beginning stages you build the foundation (but have to wait longer between layers
to dry because mars colors are more oily). In my painting - I chose not to use Jan's medium with the wax and stand oil or stick to the tedious layering of mars brown and naples yellow for 2 days and then only adding red on the second day. Instead. I cut to the chase and added a fuller palette to achieve warms and cools in the beginning. There are some other minor modifications I will make to this approach. On the next portrait I will let you know, but overall I must say that I am pleased with my painting of Steve.

Cheryl Kline. Director/Owner, Kline Academy of Fine Art

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

David Leffel and Barbara Hershey visit with Cheryl Kline at Kline Academy.
Today was a wonderful day. Barbara Hershey (yes, the awesome, beautiful actress) brought her friend David Leffel to my studio today to discuss the possibility of doing a portrait workshop and live demo. Hopefully I will have some good news for everyone soon with a workshop announcement dates, etc with this masterful artist, David Leffel. (Isn't he dashing?) I could have talked to them for hours. I will keep you posted.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

The New Kline Academy Brochure!!

Check out the new Kline Academy Brochure Guide and 
be the first to pick one up at your local Los Angeles Art store!

3264 Motor Avenue, Los Angeles, CA 90034 (310) 927-2436 www.klineacademy.com email: klineacademy@att.net

It's easy to sign up...just give us a call
(310) 927-2436

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

A New Year with Great Art Opportunities.

Drawing Block-in
An Italian Education without
going to Italy!
Two Fantastic classes to learn a true atelier style of figure drawing and painting. Instructor Grigor Chilingarian Instructor: Grigor Chilingarian,
Classical Figure Drawing- Long Pose
Every Saturday 2pm -5pm - ongoing pay per Month @$60 per class,
Russian Style Portrait Painting
Tuesday Eves 5 weeks starts Mar 15th 7pm-10pm $325

In an atelier, there is a tried and true method of beginning the drawing, blocking-in and defining shadow patterns and finishing with necessary detail. Grigor-portraitThis is the way masters from centuries past have accomplished the beautiful representation of the human form. In painting the same is true, if you have a method to follow it becomes easier to gain the skills for figure painting and drawing.
Both classes will have long, multi week pose models and Grigor, your excellent instructor, will generously demonstrate and tailor all his instruction to each individual. These are two excellent classes not to be missed, Limited space-call today.
Abstract-student Abstract Painting Workshop
Instructor: Scott Yeskel
5 weeks course begins March 28/29,
Monday eves 6:30- 9:30 or Tuesdays, 10am to 1pm, $275 pre-paid for the 5 week course
So what's different about our abstract class? We don't throw the baby out with the bath water -We teach a well worn system based on sound art theories. You will be introduced to new ideas and methods of creating dynamic paintings. Because of Scott's classical background, you will learn modern twists on traditional materials.
Have you ever pondered the various ways of transforming your painting muse into an abstract expression of how or what you feel? Seems a bit complicated, but worth a shot, right? Take a photo of a specific scene that you are fond of, whether it's a Downtown busy street, the ocean, a sweeping meadow, ect. and begin to understand its rhythm. Is it calm? frantic? Does it overlap in size and shape, is it warm or cool? Next, take your picture and crop it, blow it up, imagine it from a birds eye view. Starting to sound interesting? In this 5 week course with a working, professional artist, You will learn and develop a system of painting abstract imagery that will make your work grow leaps and bounds.
Yeskel will explain the mesh between midcentury abstraction and realism and how it has evolved in today's art world. Learn to paint abstractly while staying intouch with traditional methods and techniques. Both oil and acrylic painters welcome, all levels.Begins March 28 and 29
Quick Sketch
Intstructor: Esmeralda Acosta
5 week session, Wed 7-9pm $220. Starts April 6-
Quick Sketch is a great way to understand form in a simple approach. Based on gesture and shape one learns to interpret and design what they see. Many are the uses of this discipline, from Fine Art figure work to projects in the game and concept field. All require efficient figure drawing skills, and QS can facilitate the editing process of the human form. Esmeralda's approach incorporates a synthesis of experience from a lifetime of study. All it takes is direction and dedication. Esmeralda is a master and will demonstrate step by step----this class fills up fast- so call to day to reserve your space.

3264 Motor Avenue, Los Angeles, CA 90034 (310) 927-2436 www.klineacademy.com email: klineacademy@att.net

It's easy to sign up...just give us a call
(310) 927-2436