Thursday, August 2, 2012

"Visions of Eden" Event a Raging Success!

Cheryl Kline, Gary Blackwell and Brianna Lee
We want to thank all who came out to view our "Visions of Eden" Student/Faculty Exhibition last weekend.  The crowds turned out in record numbers, leaving standing-room-only for a good portion of the night on Saturday.  Sunday was a busy day with Brianna Lee's live demo, many came back to watch this master artist at work and for a second look at the artwork featured at this year's event.

"Visions of Eden" was the 5th year celebration of the opening of Kline Academy.  Each year, Kline has transformed the art studios into two Fine Art Galleries surrounding an intimate garden oasis, just North of Culver City.  Endless streams of trays of delicious hors d'oeuvres were circulated and an open bar served wine and blueberry-pomegranate lemonaid.  

Marilyn Rothman
It is this annual event that showcases the wide range of work created at the Academy by both students and faculty.  Everything from classical nudes rendered in oil to more modern abstract lunch trucks and figures in acrylics were on view for the masses.  Paintings and drawings were seen, contemplated, explained and sold before the evening was through.

"Visions of Eden" celebrates each artist's individual utopia. The act of painting can be an Eden to the artist: specifically, the journey through the creative process driven by inner desires and the creative spark. It also references that which has been lost, yet remains in our memory and lingers. Whether it's the exploration of a masterwork or the pilgrimage the eye takes along the skin of a model, the journey is internal and personal, and the act becomes paradise itself.  This is our Eden and the works of art that grace the walls are relics of our time spent there.

Brianna Lee giving a drawing demonstration.
In these works of art you can see the classical approach taught at the school.  

From the Palisades Post...
 'What makes us unique is that we teach skills and techniques that have historically only been passed down from master to student,' Director Cheryl Kline says. 'This is not the education provided in schools and universities. We have people come to us with master's degrees in art and say they were never taught how to paint. Our motto is that their frustration ends at our front door. That's why I only hire people who I myself would want to study with.'  

Kenny Harris dropped in.
Kline Academy opened in 2007 with only 10 students. Even in the midst of a depressive economy, Kline Academy has grown to over 100 students with 10 professional artist/instructors. Contact: (310) 927-2436.'

It was our pleasure to share our 'Eden' with all those who attended. 

Cheryl Kline and Regina Lyubovnaya greet visitors.