Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Three biggest mistakes artists make… Sharon Weaver

Sharon Weaver
Kline Academy Instructor
Plein Air Painting
Every Friday 10am to 1pm

1. What are 3 of the biggest mistakes artists make in creating their art (in your classes)?
I teach the Friday plein air class so my students are facing some different challenges than those in the classroom.

Most students are timid about putting paint on the canvas. I tell my students to love the paint and not be intimidated.

Painting on location, it is necessary to paint quickly before the light changes. I encourage the artists to block in basic shapes quickly to establish values before the light changes. If you don’t block in the shadows, you can wind up chasing the light. This can be very frustrating as you go over and over the same areas of the painting.

When painting the landscape on location it is important to not get lost in the details. You don’t want to paint each leaf but instead the shape of the tree. Squint and simplify the subject.

2. What are 3 things artists can do to create better paintings?

First and foremost, I believe that the best way to improve your painting is by painting from life. The eye can differentiate values and colors that can not be captured by a photograph so when you are painting from life you will see colors in the shadows that will look black in a photo. Highlights have more color too and are not just white. After all a photograph is an interpretation of the subject so if you are painting from a photo you are already once removed from the actual thing. 

Second, is to paint a lot. I did plein air competitions and had to paint two paintings a day. This concentrated effort does several things. It forces you to think quickly, to observe more carefully and to have confidence in your brushstrokes. It is a very freeing exercise that has made a huge difference in my own development as an artist.

Third, understand the importance of a good composition. This is the foundation of all your art and essential for a great painting. 

To learn more about this class, visit our website at www.klineacademy.com or come by the studio and see the quality of art our students are learning to create in our non-competitive, creative environment.

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