Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Kline Academy 8th Annual Open House "Passion and Power"

Thank you all for participating and coming to Kline Academy 8th Annual Open House "Passion and Power." This was one of the best exhibitions Kline Academy had hosted and we really hope you had a great time with us.

We are very honored to announce that more than 300 people came in over the weekend, and we sold five paintings during the event!

A model Jonathan Beck posing in front of Cheryl Kline's painting

Here are the sold pieces and artists!


Kline Academy instructors  showed up to celebrate. Scott Yeskel, Timothy Kitz and Gaving Gardner did demonstrations on Sunday.

Ira Korman and Kenny Harris
Thomas Garner and Sharon Weaver
Scott and Gavin giving live demos
Gavin's Trompe L' Oeil Still Life Workshop starts soon!
Tim's work, painted only in 30mines!

Again thank you for joining us!

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