Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Three biggest mistakes artists make… Scott Yeskel

Scott Yeskel
Kline Academy Instructor
Abstract & Contemporary Painting
Monday eve 6:30 - 9:30pm & Tuesday 10am to 1pm

3 of the biggest mistakes artists make in creating their art in my class...
1) Being result oriented and not process oriented.
It takes time. You are not going to magically be an artist in 3 hours. enjoy the process, know you have a lot to learn.

2) Wrong materials. I don't require expensive paint, just the right colors. I also need students to have the proper palette and brushes. Students should also always have multiple canvases.

3) Bad photo reference and taking the reference too literally. I have since been providing my own photos and making it mandatory that the students start with mine.

3 things to be a better artist.

1) Commit to taking classes and involve the arts in your routine everyday. 

2) Look at art. In person, on the Internet, wherever. See what kinda of art moves you. Copy it, emulate it. Try to be it but better, different, more you. 

3) Come to class prepared, with references, with canvases toned, with a plan. It's fine to waver from your plan but don't take an hour to park your car, set up your palette, etc. 

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