Sunday, September 27, 2015

Three biggest mistakes artists make… Thomas Garner

Thomas Garner
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Dostoyevsky opened Anna Karenina saying that all happy families are alike, but all unhappy families are unhappy in their own way. So it is with artists, we all make mistakes in our own way.

But if I must choose the three biggest mistakes artists make, 
they are: drawing, drawing, drawing. You can’t make a good painting if your drawing is off!

Included in the above three (assuming we are talking about figurative realism) are:

1    Not getting proportion, perspective, and composition right.
         Not respecting value areas.
           Not getting a good balance between mass, detail, and edges

As to three things the artist can do to create better paintings:

          All the above drawing skills can be improved by learning how to observe.
      Develop a sensibility to color and texture, learn color and design theory.
          Develop good practices such as brushing technique, brush care, palette order and order of paint application.

That is kind of generic advice but I would also add the old maxim: “Know thyself.” Hear the inner voice. Be aware. Art is always mixture of heart and mind.

And while you are at it, study anatomy!!!

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