Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Venetian Style Figure Painting - Take your figure painting to a higher level...

Thomas Garner's Venetian Style Figure Painting Workshop had a great outcome!
 The step by step approach to indirect painting helped his students understand more about value and color.

  Week 1 + 2
 Students worked in a Venetian style sketching and drawing the figure with a live model and photos 

Week 3 + 4
 Students transferred drawing to the canvas using grids then started the underpainting with only burnt umber and white.

Week 5 + 6
Using the full palette, students started applying color according to the Venetian style and had final atmospheric glaze.

Thomas' new 6 week workshop starts on Wednesday September 9th at 10:30am.
Let's take your figure painting to a higher level!

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