Monday, September 18, 2017

Kline Academy Open House 2017 - Thank you!!

Thank you so much students and faculty who submitted their art work and friends and family who came over to Kline Academy Open House - 10 Year Anniversary this weekend!

We had more than 650 people came over to see 172 paintings and drawings created by Kline Academy students and instructors!

Thank you Natalia Fabia for the amazing demonstration, the classical trio for  music,  Matt, Jia, Aaron and Jeff for delicious catering, and Sarah, Brett, Illana and Aiden for your support!!

And congratulations to Bill Perking, Carol Potter, Thomas Garner and Cheryl Kline for selling their pieces!

Owner Cheryl Kline (right), Kline Academy staff Jason Lions (center) and Juri Umagami (left)

Congratulations Bill!!

Tim next to Cheryl Kline's Sold painting

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