Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Steven Assael's Narrative Figure Painting Workshop

This workshop was just a phenomena!!

Over the weekend, we hosted Steven Assael, an American painter recognized nationally as one of the leading representational figurative artists of his generation, for his 3 day Narrative Figure Painting workshop at Kline Academy.

For those of you who missed the workshop last weekend and the live demo Friday evening, we are sorry to tell you that you missed an amazing event. Drama and emotion are captured and applied with each fan brush stroke. He slaps down a huge hunk of paint and then feathers it to comply with his impression. Bright, bold colors, slapping the surface then caressing the board with a feather soft touch. Chaos becomes a masterpiece. Amazing process.

We had over 40 people came over for his live demo night where he showed a very dynamic painting technique!

Steven's demo of Vanessa

Steven also showed many of his sketches and drawings, and they were just stunning!

Steven and the model Vanessa
We will definitely have him back at Kline Academy soon! Subscribe now and keep your eyes on the email!

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