Wednesday, January 29, 2020

5 Reasons to support the Arts

5 Reasons to support the Arts

Kline Academy of Fine Arts

Kline Academy of Fine Arts recently came across some information we found very interesting and valuable, so we decided to share it with you all.

5 reasons to support the arts

Have a Positive Social Impact:
For thousands of years, song and dance have brought communities together. Today, the arts create a space where all members can come together.

Enhance your Mood:
The arts offer an escape from the troubles of everyday life. When you're writing, singing, painting, or playing an instrument, you're able to temporarily set stress aside to focus on enjoying your craft.

Help The Economy:
The arts make up a major chunk of the economy - 4.2% of the GDP, to be exact, according to the U.S. Bureau of Economic Analysis. While that number may seem small, it's higher than the economic shares of the nation's transportation, tourism, and agriculture sectors.

Encourage Healing:
Different types of arts programs are employed in many different healthcare facilities. Patients that engage with these arts programs heal faster, manage their pain better, and spend less time in the hospital.

Generate Creativity: 
The arts are a self-perpetuating activity. Creativity is generated from the right side of the brain. The more you engage it, the more creative you become, like flexing a muscle in your brain.

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