Thursday, March 8, 2018

Cheryl Kline's Up-Coming Show in SF

Cheryl Kline, "Summer Night With You" 30x40", oil on canvas, $7200.

Opening: 3/1/2018 - Closing: 3/31/2018

In appreciation of the many vital roles of women in art history - from artist and muse to critic and collector -we celebrate our many female artists from emerging to museum-credentialed. At all the many points in theirlives and careers, from deceased early 20th century Modernist Anna Walinska, to emerging painter IsabelEmrich, to Chloe Gallery’s own Founder-Artist Amy Nelder, Chloe Gallery honors the great creations of ourfemale painters and sculptors. Whether with a mural that uplifts a community, a painting that uplifts a family, or a sculpture that heals a loss, our artists have changed the world.

RenĂ©e DeCarlo ● Isabel Emrich ● Carrie Graber ● Cristen Miller ● Cheryl Kline ● Amy Nelder ● Rosina Rubin, representing Anna Walinska ● Jennifer Vranes ● Lisa Borgiani ● Paige Bradley ● Rosana Sitcha

A portion of proceeds from the March 2017 "Women in Art" Exhibition will benefit Edgewood Center for Children and Families.

Welcome to the latest staggeringly beautiful oil on canvas from Cheryl Kline, painted especially for our "Women in Art: GREAT Artists who just Happen to be Women"exhibition launching today at Chloe Gallery!

When asked what she feels about being a "Woman in Art" this month in honor of Women's History Month, Cheryl Kline replies to us in poetic form:

"I celebrate the beauty of Mother Nature

Capturing a moment in time where the earth is glowing,

The clouds dancing gracefully across the sky,

And the warmth of the sun spreading its colorful rays

Of reds and yellows onto all in it’s path.

I celebrate Mother Nature in my work and give

Her a voice for all to hear and hope that they too will

Tred on her earth carefully and with respect and in awe 

Of  the beauty she brings to us each and every day.”

Please let us know if you would like to collect this or some other gorgeous Cheryl Kline in the gallery now.  Limited Edition prints are also available of an extensive line of Cheryl Kline images! Inquire now for limited edition details of your favorite works.
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