Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Welcome to Kline Online!

 Now you can take our Classical Painting class anywhere you live!

The ultimate classical painting course that will give you all the techniques to be successful as a painter...

If you want to be a great jazz player - you need to study scales and classical foundations. The same is true to become a great painter. I can't tell you how many students come to me who have had years of art school, have never been "taught" how to paint! But their frustration ends here! Whenever an Artist speaks about a "linage" of instruction, it is a proud declaration of where their knowledge came from. Ours is a fusion of Northern European, Classical Italian and California Impressionism. With this background we can hone in on an individual's choice of style once foundations in painting are achieved. The first “initiation” exercise that students seeking to Master Classical Oil Painting should accomplish is our Compass Rose exercise. This exercise teaches the student first, basic skills for blending, glazing etc. as well as the Zorn palette of colors, introducing the student to a new way of “seeing.” Students Will Learn Renaissance Painting Techniques Monochromatic studies How to deconstruct a painting How to apply color & how to mix paint Using mediums Glazing Secrets

We also offer the Live Interactive Video Critique where you receive a 30 min live interactive video critique of your work from a Master Artist/Instructor and Video Critique from a Master Artist where you receive a 30 min detailed video critique of your artwork from any Kline Academy Course!!

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