Saturday, August 5, 2017

Kline Academy 10th Annual Open House - Call for ART!!

Kline Academy 10th Annual Open House 
 Call for ART!!

Celebrating Kline Academy's 10th Anniversary!

Saturday, September 16th, 5pm - 9pm
Sunday, September 17th, noon - 5pm 
(Natalia Fabia's Live Painting Demo starts at 1pm on Sunday!)

As someone who has been a student in the past year, we want to encourage you to submit a piece for our upcoming show!

It can be any piece that you worked on in classes at Kline Academy. 

Drop in : After Tuesday, September 5th

We will email you the label or it will be ready at the office.
Please know the title, price (if you want to sell), and the medium to be included in the show! 

See you there!

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