Monday, September 26, 2016

Kline Academy 9th Annual Open House

Thank you to all who attended our ... 9th annual open house! 
Wow, where did the time go? 

Every year, The art gets better and better. I am humbled by our faculty and student's achievements in their art and skill building work. No other school in LA can boast the caliber of art, creativity and aesthetics that we at Kline Academy of Fine Art achieve on a weekly basis. I am truly proud of everyone who entered work in this show. 

Thank you also to my incredible staff - Jason, Juri, Brett, Sarah, Adam and our instructors who demonstrated this weekend. Sharon Weaver and Miguel Gonzalez. The live music by String Planet was awesome and delicious catering by Matt Reny. 

What an awesome weekend!!!! E ticket for sure.

- Cheryl Kline

Our Interior Painting Instructor Kenny Harris

Miguel did a portrait drawing demo on Sunday

Sharon Weaver also did a landscape painting demo

Cheryl's friend / great sculptor Tanya

Jennifer Fabos and Cheryl

Jonny, Miguel and Miguel's demo of him

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