Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Gold Foil, Encaustic and Oil Painting Workshop with Pam Hawkes

It's not often that a single workshop can be a life changing event, we all hope for that outcome but as an Artist and Academy Director, all I can do is to present the opportunity, fill the class, provide the space and hope for the best. Life changing is exactly what happened when Pam Hawkes came over from the UK to conduct a 5 day Guilding/Encaustic workshop at Kline Academy.

I knew from the first and only time I had met Pam 2 years before, for a 1 hour presentation at the Representational Art Conference in Ventura, CA. that we had to have her come to our academy. When you watch someone who truly loves what they are doing, loves the materials and in fact has a unique affection for each process she employes, you know you are about to witness magic. I can almost see the fairy dust in the air as she transforms a piece of plain wood or canvas into what will become another one of her iconic masterpieces. Pam was so generous with each and every artist who attended with her expert knowledge and acute aesthetic. 

Pam Hawkes and her landscape painting

Both during and after the workshop, so many of the participants came up to me and thanked me for bringing Pam to Los Angeles. Many said they were at a stage in their art where they needed this exact workshop to enable them to breakthrough to a new level. And many breakthroughs were apparent all because of Pam. 

Pam's seascape painting

Pam's small work using gold foils

Pam's brought many of her work to the workshop

Student Work Gallery

One of the best outcomes was that I got to know Pam who is an amazing artist, new friend and now my adopted soul sister. Thank you Pam, I hope you will consider coming again next year!
And try to remember the good parts like the Truffle Pizza, Singing Denis, Malibu Pier and Mexican food…jacuzzi ...

- Cheryl Kline

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