Tuesday, August 11, 2015

5 Reasons to use a Limited Palette by Brianna Lee

5 Reasons to use a Limited Palette by Brianna Lee

This limited Palette, also known as the "Zorn Palette" after artist Anders Zorn, contains the following colors: Ivory Black, Cadmium Red, Yellow Ocher and Titanium White.

  • Using a limited palette creates a natural color harmony in your painting. Virtually all colors of the spectrum can be mixed- from blues, violets to greens, yet they are made up of only three colors plus white!
  • Learning to mix colors (such as green) using primary colors (blue/black, yellow/ocher, cadmium red) instead of relying on pre-mixed tubed colors such as olive green, you will greatly expand your understanding of color theory.
  • You will begin to realize how many neutral colors exist in nature and thus acheive more accurate colors in your paintings
  • Creating a chart (picured above) will aid you in analyzing the colors you see. Color is very logical and this chart helps you (see and create) the mixtures
  • Once you gain control over a limited palette, you gain an understanding of when it is appropriate to add a more intense color, such as Ultramarine Blue, and also how to control the chroma of a color.

Now, learn real-life application and how a color chart can guide you, whether painting luminous flesh tones or earthy landscapes...

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