Tuesday, June 10, 2014

"How To Clean Your Brushes" by Stacy Kamin

"How To Clean Your Brushes"

Stacy Kamin, the artist and foundation instructor at Kline Academy, says...

I don't use harsh chemicals, like turpentine, would you put it on your hair?

I put Palmolive in a container and let my brushes soak in it.

 Soak them and move brush back and forth until most paint comes off.

In order to get remaining paint off, I use ivory soap. Since it is white, you can see if you took out all of the paint.

Juri Umagami, the studio assistant at Kline Academy, cleans her brushes by first wiping off all remaining oil paint. Then, she may soak her brushes in "Nature's Orange" or "Big O" (it is biodegradable and will not hurt your plumbing). After that, she simply uses a bar of hand soap and gently washes the bristles until all the paint has disappeared. Lastly, she carefully reshapes the points of the brushes and wraps each one individually with a small sheet of toilet paper.

So, how do you wash your brushes? We would love to hear from you...

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