Wednesday, May 28, 2014

The Essence of Figure Painting Workshop with Juliette Aristides

Juliette Aristides

Juliette Aristides, a gifted, passionate, intellectually stimulating artist who runs Gage Academy in Seattle WA, visited Kline Academy this weekend for her 3 day workshop "The Essence of Figure Painting Workshop."  

Throughout this 3 day workshop, Juliette had so many demonstrations and each student did three small studies and one larger (main) painting. 

Day 1:
In the morning, Juliette demonstrated the monochromatic painting method.

She summed up the morning with a critique and shared interesting thoughts with students

In the afternoon, she did a drawing demo and students started their larger paintings by drawing.

Day 2:
Juliette started Day 2 with a value study.

She used Black, Red Oxide Transparent, Ultra Marine Blue and White

Juliette's demo of Amy

After the lunch break, she made the color chart on her palette to show students how to mix colors. With what Juliette showed in the morning and in the color chart, students worked again on their lager paintings.

Day 3: Last day of the workshop
In her last demonstration, Juliette set up a full color palette and showed the skin color study for students.


Juliette's palette
The skin color study of model "Ifat"

Combining with all the techniques together that Juliette had taught in last 2 and half days, students put the final touches to their lager (main) paintings.

She ensured all students one-on-one instruction
Lastly, Juliette made the time for students to critique one another and told them how successfully each student performed during the workshop.

Students created 80 paintings through the workshop

Fabio did a great job - the colors were just sublime
We are hoping to host Juliette Aristides once again for the figure painting workshop at Kline Academy. Subscribe via email and get the latest news! 

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