Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Scott Yeskel's 1 Day Contemporary Boot Camp was a BIG SUCCESS!

Scott Yeskel Packs The House!

Not only has he sold out his abstract painting class at Kline Academy, 
but also his first workshop, which was sold out within 2 weeks, had 
a remarkable outcome! 

Here are the highlights and some photos of the workshop 

Scott started the workshop with demonstrations

We set up 3 stations - still life, landscape and figure painting - and students spent one hour at each station.

Still Life Painting Station 

Lynda's great study from Still Life Station

Scott always comes up with interesting subjects

Figure Painting Station

Susan nailed all the poses at Figure Painting Station

Students focused more on gestures 

Landscape Painting Station

Marianne did an impressive job! 

Lastly, Scott had the critique time to sum up the workshop

Everybody did such a great job!

Students produced over 150 paintings in one day and it was AMAZING to see their works all together!

With all students' favors and requests, we will definitely have another boot camp in summer! 

Check out Scott's Abstract Painting Class and join our email list to get his info!!  

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