Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Shared Wisdom from an Artist's Book - How to set up your palette by Cheryl Kline

Do you hesitate to sign up for your very first painting class because you are afraid of what you don't know? 

Let us help you with one of the first lesson in How to set up your palette.

At Kline Academy, we are excited to announce, we have started "Shared Wisdom from an Artist's Notebook" a video series of painting & drawing methods to take away the fear of getting started. 

The first video "How to set up your pallet by Cheryl Kline" is now available to view and it's free!

In this video you will learn:
-What palette to choose 
-How to hold your palette
-What materials you need 
-How to lay out your colors
-Which colors to use - (Every instructor will have their favorites, these are ours)
-How much paint to put on your palette 
-How to mix colors

We will be uploading more videos every month so be sure to check back with us again.
You can also find us on You Tube - "Kline Academy of Fine Art"

Remember, every great artist was once an absolute beginner and had a big fear in their first painting class.  

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