Monday, March 4, 2013

Mixed Media Artist and Kline Academy Instructor Yvette Gellis Explores India...

I had the honor and privilege of accompanying some friends to India. This was a Pilgrimage / work research exhibition and my first trip to India. We attended the Kumbha Mela and I did the traditional dip into the Ganges - a beautiful experience.

 We visited many fascinating and beautiful places including Dharmsala in the Himalayas where the Dali Lama was in residence on retreat. India is a place of of extreme contrasts with immense misery and immense mystery. 

The spirituality permeates everything - even the dust taste on your tongue. The greatest feeling was waking up at 5 AM to the sounds of millions of people chanting and praying. The vibration is one I will carry with me always. As an artist I can only say that every face, every color witnessed, is a work of art in the making. Now the real work begins...

Yvette is back and more creative than ever... find out about her class HERE

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