Monday, July 23, 2012

News from Color Workshop at Kline Academy!


  This weekend was the Color Mixing for Skin Tones workshop at Kline Academy. Students did such a great job and exclaimed how much the color wheel has opened their eyes to color mixing, so I thought it might be a great opportunity to explain the top 5 Reasons to Use a Limited Palette:

This limited Palette, also known as the "Zorn Palette" after artist Anders Zorn, contains the following colors: Ivory Black, Cadmium Red, Yellow Ocher and Titanium White. Here are 5 great reasons to stick with a Limited Palette:
  1. 1. Using a limited palette creates a natural color harmony in your painting. Virtually all colors of the spectrum can be mixed- from blues, violets to greens, yet they are made up of only three colors plus white!
  2. 2. Learning to mix colors (such as green) using primary colors (blue/black, yellow/ocher, cadmium red) instead of relying on pre-mixed tubed colors such as olive green, you will greatly expand your understanding of color theory.
  3. 3. You will begin to realize how many neutral colors exist in nature and thus acheive more accurate colors in your paintings
  4. 4. A chart (picured above) will aid you in analyzing the colors you see. Color is very logical and this chart helps you (see) the mixtures
  5. 5. Once you gain control over a limited palette, you gain an understanding of when it is appropriate to add a more intense color, such as Ultramarine Blue, and also how to control the chroma of a color.

                                                                 Photos from the Weekend Color Workshop

Does Color elude you? Learn to approach color in a logical, step-by-step manner in my classes at Kline Academy. Current and Upcoming Classes at Kline Academy with Brianna Lee:

Figurative Painting with focus on Color: Friday 10am-2pm Starts in August

Figure Drawing and Painting (live model): Saturday 2pm-5pm Starts in August

Tuesday Cast Drawing 10am-2pm Ongoing

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