Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Two-Day Color Mixing Workshop

Instructor:  Brianna Lee
Date:  Saturday, July 21 & Sunday, July 22
Time:  10am-4pm both days
Cost: $220

Does color elude you? Unsure where to begin when mixing color? Then this workshop is for you! 

Students will explore the essentials of color with this two-day color mixing workshop. Learn to create color harmony by using the “Zorn” Palette and take a practical approach to color.

The workshop begins with a guided color mixing exercise, where students create a color wheel and learn the benefits of a limited palette. The second day students will use this chart to guide them to recreate the colors of a Master painting.

Learn real-life application and how a color chart can guide you, whether painting luminous flesh tones or earthy landscapes! Many of our students upon completing the course, have expressed how much it has improved their abilities to analyze colors accurately. Call today and reserve your space!

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