Tuesday, March 15, 2011

David Leffel and Barbara Hershey visit with Cheryl Kline at Kline Academy.
Today was a wonderful day. Barbara Hershey (yes, the awesome, beautiful actress) brought her friend David Leffel to my studio today to discuss the possibility of doing a portrait workshop and live demo. Hopefully I will have some good news for everyone soon with a workshop announcement dates, etc with this masterful artist, David Leffel. (Isn't he dashing?) I could have talked to them for hours. I will keep you posted.


Anonymous said...

Hello Cheryl,
I've been interested in signing up for a class but keep putting it off. I stumbled onto the photo of Barbara Hershey and David Leffel who visited with you in March. Has anything been arranged with David? I would love to meet Mr. Leffel, I hear he's a real character. I'm also a huge admirer of Ms. Hershey. What was your impression of her and have you spoken to her since? Thanks so much for any information.

Pomona, CA

4-Lorn said...

Such a huge Barbara fan. Does she display her work anywhere or is it just a personal hobby not meant for the public?