Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Monday Figure Painting Class with Hal Yaskulka

                                                        Fellow Artists,
In this article we discuss Hal Yaskulka's impressive consultation of painting the human figure at Kline academy, And how a student should approach to painting the figure on the first day of this workshop. One of our veteran students Tamara Smith entered the Monday morning figure painting class to further enhance her skills. For her painting, Hal encourages Tamara to patiently draw in figure before painting. This will allow the artist build a solid foundation catering to form and gesture.

                                                       Step one:

Hal Instructs Tamara to lightly tint the canvas with acrylic raw umber, This will disband the frightful intimidation of white blank canvas. Which can become a downfall for most artists. Tamara then draws in the figure with a long willow charcoal stick. this type of material allows the the individual to easily erase any drawing mistakes they happen to make on the canvas.

When drawing in the figure Tamara makes sure that the figure is drawn with lines that connects to one another. That way the figure would look monumental and not disconnected. We also take into consideration the figure is drawn with simple shapes, not complex

Step two:

Lightly brushing the willow charcoal drawing with a chamois and sealing it with hair spray. Tamara sets up her palette consisting of Titanium white, Yellow ocher, Vermilion, Quacinidrone red , Red oxide, Alizarin crimson and Ultramarine blue. Tamara goes in to painting in the figure by placing in the darkest dark. 
Notified by her hat and dress. Color combination of red oxide and ultramarine.

Step four:

Hal then helps Tamara to find the the background color by adding a violet combination of Alizarin, Ultramarine, White and Red oxide. Hal then paints in the local skin color mixed with ocher, white, vermilion and Alizarin. As you can see these colors of are closely related to each other and with an overall violet atmosphere that is what we want for the this painting.

Take the figure painting course every Monday morning from 11 am - 2 pm . A $60 class, Pre-paid monthly.
Learn to paint the figure with confidence with this classical approach to finding porportions, gesture and beautiful skin tones. Emphasis will be on correct anatomy, breaking down the anatomy to help students understand the form. Hal is an award winning artist who has sensitive touch and classical layering techniques.

Los Angeles (Culver City), CA 90034
(310) 927-2436
(It is above national blvd. lots of free parking under the bridge)

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