Thursday, January 13, 2011

Grigor's painting workshop is Phenomenal!!


5 Week Florentine Style
Figure Drawing / Painting Workshop

Instructor Grigor Chilingarian, 
Five week course ---$325 (includes model fee)

We are completely booked for the Grigor's Figure Drawing/Painting Workshop. And we have a huge waiting list for his next workshop. Don't miss out on this amazing opportunity. Grigor's an amazing artist with a down to earth positive attitude. His Florentine technicality will make you better than what you are now. I visited to take a class for the drawing portion. 

When entering his class he will tell you to stand 5 feet away from the easel (a reference point) and to gaze at the model you are drawing. From there you begin to draw the human figure in simplified Angeles, composing a counter of the human body. A process similar to sight sizing. Which increases your skills of observation. This is the prelude to the painting portion. 

If your looking for a remedy to help out your figure drawing/painting needs. I highly recommend in taking his class. 

Xavier Gonzalez
Studio Manager

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